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The Sword Conservatory

Teaching the history, sport, and art of swordsmanship to all, with safety and fun.

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The Sword Conservatory (TSC) is a charitable non-profit organization, IRS 501(c)(3), incorporated in the State of North Carolina. We teach weekly classes in historical sword fighting, sport fencing, and stage combat through Holly Springs Parks and Recreation. TSC also gives demonstrations and teaches at festivals, local venues, schools, homeschool groups and civic organizations.


What We Teach
Our Mission & Vision

The Sword Conservatory (TSC) teaches real historic techniques with modern safety.

Styles and intensity levels are offered for all abilities and interest levels.

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To focus on education.

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To offer multiple traditions, styles, sports, etc.

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To focus on fun.


Our Programs

The Sword Conservatory has researched swordfighting styles throughout the ages and teaches these techniques to students in various settings. In addition to weekly classes through Holly Springs Parks and Recreation, TSC offers programming in Medieval/Renaissance Historical Combat, Scottish Highland Combat and Pirate/Maritime Historical Combat.


The Medieval/Renaissance Historical Combat curriculum includes Middle Ages weapon techniques through the Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment. Our Scottish Highland Combat activities focus on weapon techniques from the late 17th – early 19th century. TSC also offers Pirate/Maritime Historical Combat programs specializing in edged weapons.

Private classes, demonstrations and workshops are available and can be tailored to the needs of schools, recreational programs

and organizations.

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